Our people are our #1 asset at Kosmos Cement Company, LLC. We are a multi-generational workforce who view our co-workers as family, always watching out for the well-being of each other, the community, the environment, as well as the facility. We strive to promote safety minded culture into everyone here, not only to help them work safely at the facility, but they can also take home to share with their families.

Our expectation at Kosmos Cement Company is that all employees, vendors, contractors and visitors leave our facility in the same way as when they arrived. Safety is at the forefront of all departments within the Kosmos system. Kosmos Cement Company provides the appropriate type and level of training to enable everyone to perform their work safely and effectively. Safety is the first thing discussed in our meetings and also the last, to remind us to work safely throughout the shift.

Every employee of Kosmos Cement Company is obligated to take care of his or her own safety and health and their coworkers who may be affected by their actions by complying with all safety and health rules and regulations and established safe work practices.

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