Our Company

Kosmos Cement Company LLC is a subsidiary of Eagle Materials Inc., based in Dallas, Texas. Eagle Materials is a leading supplier of heavy construction materials and light building materials that serves markets throughout the United States. Eagle Materials’ operations are segmented by product group into a Heavy Materials Sector (Including Cement and Concrete and Aggregates) and a Light Materials Sector (including Cement, Gypsum Wallboard, Recycled Paperboard).

As part of the Cement division of Eagle Materials, Kosmos Cement Company manufactures multiple portland cement-based products. Our products include Type I,II Portland cement, Type I,II Low Alkali Portland cement, and Type III Low Alkali Portland cement. We also distribute a full line of masonry cements, marketed under the MIAMI trade name, manufactured by the Fairborn Cement Company - another Eagle subsidiary. Our standard grey masonry product line includes MIAMI Masonry Cement (ASTM C91) and MIAMI Mortar Cement (ASTM C1329), and both are available in Types N, S and M, manufactured to comply with the designated ASTM requirements. We also manufacture a full line of colored MIAMICOLOR Type N and Type S masonry cement, which is available in 44 colors. These products are used in the construction industry throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states.

We also market a Grade 100 slag cement under the Skyway Cement name. Skyway Cement is also a subsidiary of Eagle Materials and works with Eagle's Heavy Materials Sector in developing markets for slag cement.

Safety is every employee’s #1 responsibility at Kosmos Cement Company. We are a multi-generational workforce who view our co-workers as family, always watching out for the well-being of each other, the community, as well as the facility. Safety does not stop when we leave our jobs, but continues in our everyday lives away from work.

We are committed to environmental stewardship and community enrichment to give back to the community in which we operate. Collaborating with organizations such as Quality Deer Management Association, Wildlife Habitat Council, and Kosmosdale Oral History Project, Kosmos Cement Company builds relationships that have a lasting impact on the community and the environment.

At Kosmos Cement Company, we take great pride in the quality of service we deliver and the products we manufacture. We operate under the promise that every employee contributes to the quality of our products either directly or indirectly. Therefore, every contact we have with a product or customer is a reflection of our quality.